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>Fakes, Frauds and Facelifts: How to identify counterfeit and altered Magic cards v3.0
1.0 There are fake Magic cards???
2.0 Am I in danger of being scammed?
3.0 How will I know one when I see one?
4.0 Some important things to know about the real cards
5.0 Some examples
6.0 Contributors
    6.1 Got Something to Add to This?
6.0 Contributors
Thanx to all the people who have helped with info on this site over the years, and provided fake cards for me to play with. You rule!
Jeff Hartt
John Knapp

6.1 Got Something to Add to This?

Did I leave something out? Is there something you think should be added? If so, you can contact me and let me know!

If you have any information on the origin of any large-time counterfeit scams, well... let WotC know first, then if you feel like it, let me know too, and I'll post an advisory up here.

If you have a good example of a fake card that I don't have covered here, or any sort of alteration that you think is neat and I might be interested in, and you feel like sending me one... go ahead! Contact me first though the link above and tell me what it is you have, and I'll give you my address. If it's a large quantity of cards, I'd be willing to cover shipping charges.

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