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Apathy House Booster Club Membership - SIGN UP!

The Apathy House Booster Club is a monthly subscription service that offers a unique opportunity for friends of Apathy House to gain access to rare and hard-to-find foreign or out-of-print Magic booster packs while at the same time helping support this site and keeping it operational.

Members will be sent an exclusive selection of Magic booster packs in the mail on the 1st of each month, pulled directly from the Apathy House vault. These packs will come in any of the 11 different languages Magic has been available in, and will consist of both current in-print, and rare out-of-print sets. Some of the packs we give out are in extremely limited supply, sometimes we have just enough to cover the current membership. Therefore, subscriptions begin on the 1st of the month AFTER the day you join.

In addition each new member will receive a welcome kit with their first shipment that includes the following items FREE:
  • One random Artist Proof (white back) card signed by the artist! (while supplies last)
  • One wallet sized fresnel lens. Carry this with you anywhere you trade cards to zoom in on those minor scuffs and scratches. An invaluable tool when verifying a card's authenticity
  • Two Apathy House Booster Club stickers
  • If you are not already registered on Apathy House, you will be sent an invitation to join. Of course site registration is still free to anyone, independent of the Booster Club
Basic Every Month:
  • 2x In-Print Packs
  • 2x Out of Print Packs
Basic Membership
Deluxe Every Month:
  • 4x In-Print Packs
  • 2x Out of Print Packs
Deluxe Membership
Power 9 Every Month:
  • 4x In-Print Packs
  • 4x Out of Print Packs
  • 1x Extra Pack
Power 9 Membership
New memberships are temporarily unavailable while we work on reconfiguring the inner workings of this site! Check back soon!
Frequently Asked Question

What packs will I get?

The specific packs you will receive are not revealed ahead of time, but in general you will get two packs from a current in-print, standard legal set, and one each from two older sets. These packs can be in any of the 11 languages Magic has been printed in. There is no hard and fast rule, but we generally try to rotate through every language at least once in a 6 month period. We also try not to repeat a pack in that time. Lastly, we promise to not feed you crap! For a general idea of the quality of packs you will see, please have a look at the news feed on our main page.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

Unfortunately, due to restrictions imposed by PayPal, the only way to upgrade is to cancel your current subscription and create a new one.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscription status is handled automatically through PayPal. Subscriptions have to be cancelled through their site. See this page for instructions on how to do that.

Hey, I have a coupon from an old membership. Is it still good and how do I redeem it?

Yes! It's still good, unfortunately PayPal's system doesn't make it easy for me to integrate directly. Therefore, when you checkout please include your coupon code in the memo field, and I will refund your discount manually. You will receive your discount for the first 6 months of your membership.

I want to join but I don't have PayPal, how do I do that?

Subscriptions are only handled through PayPal, so for the time being you can't.

What happened to the rest of your shop?

The regular shop has been discontinued. If you came here looking for graded magic cards please contact me.
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